West German showline german Shepherds

Duitse herder kennel v.d. Tempelhoeve 



V5 BSZS Pharo v.d. Tempelhoeve IGP3 Kkl

SG8 BSZS Wilma v. Ducati IGP1 Kkl

We expect Wilma in heat in a month or so and will be mated with our Pharo.  We expect black and red long coats as well as black long coats!!!!!!

     Please send us an email or whatsapp if you are interested in a puppy from this litter !!!!!!!!!


V21 BSZS Ultravox von Arlett IGP3 Kkl

V Alia IGP1 Kkl

 V5 BSZS Knut wilden Dreizehn IGP2 Kkl

V1 Espresso vom Lärchenhain IGP2 Kkl

Espesso is mated with Knut !  We expect the pups to have outstanding character, super conformation with very big bones and very strong heads. There will be blacks as well as black and reds in this litter. ESPRESSO HAD 6 PUPS 4 FEMALE 2 MALES. 

                         **** ALL RESERVED ******

Alia has been mated to V21 BSZS Ultravox von Arlett, one of the males that caught our eye at the german sieger show this year ! He is a gorgeous male who I think is a super match for Alia !!!!!!!!!  ALIA HAD 7 PUPS---6 MALES 1 FEMALE

             *****  MALES ARE AVAILABLE ****

 V Frenzi v.d. Tempelhoeve IGP1 Kkl

V7 Promo vom Osterberger-Land  IGP3 Kkl

Frenzi is in mated with the super male V7 German sieger Promo vom Osterberger Land IGP3 Kkl.  We are very excited for this combination !

V6 BSZS Endrefalva Maruscha IGP2 Kkl