West German showline german Shepherds

Duitse herder kennel v.d. Tempelhoeve 



V49 BSZS Altea von Aussenen Black IPO2 Kkl Lbz

Date of birth Dec 27, 2014

Hips A1 Elbows A normal

V Bazi v.d. Tempelhoeve IPO1 Kkl Lbz

 Daughter of VA3 Italy Kimbo v.d. Tempelhoeve

Daughter of VA1 Willy vom Kuckucksland

SG37 BSZS V2 Zispe von der Weinbergsiedlung IPO1 Kkl

Daughter of VA1 Swiss Duran vom Team Hühnegrab

Hips and elbows A1

Date of birth July, 27 2015

Date of birth July 8 2016

hips A2 ELBOWS A1

V Frenzi v.d. Tempelhoeve IGP1 Kkl

Hips A2 Elbows A2

Date of birth Feb 2, 2017

Daughter of V10 BSZS Gondor Regina Pacis

SG Bijoux von der Weinbergsiedlung IGP1 Kkl

Daughter of VA(Italy) Groovy di Casa Massarelli 

date of birth Dec 2, 2017

A1 HIPS and A normal elbows

V Alia IGP1 Kkl Lbz

A normal hips and elbows

Date of birth April 18, 2017

SG Freya v.d. Tempelhoeve BH

Daughter of V7 BSZS Ibor Huhnengrab

Freya is has her BH and in training for her IGP1 Kkl.