West German showline german Shepherds

Duitse herder kennel v.d. Tempelhoeve 


I would like to thank you so much for my dream dog, Quasty van Noort! I absolutely adore this gorgeous female and appreciate your knowledge and the time you spend with your dogs. You knew that Quasty would be a great fit for my family and she certainly has been everything I enjoy from this highly intelligent and charming breed! Q, as she is affectionately called, works beside me every day and warmly greets all of our customers. Her demeanor is amazing and the high level of training she received, has made it a breeze for me. I will for sure be letting you know when I’m ready to add another of your gorgeous shepherds to my crew!

Daphna Dunkleman

Nova Scotia , Canada


Happy Customers

By way of Megan Streussnig of Tempelhoeve German Shepherds. We thank you for
Clint v. Barendika, a dog of impeccable
Character, type and sound temperament
In every respect. 

Jeff Beo

New Orleans LA USA

Megan and Adri,
I don't know how to thank you enough for all the help you have given to me, over the past couple years. Your knowledge of West German Show line pedigree, and your combined years of experience have produced some of the best German Shepherd dogs in the world. Your help in finding me the very best of the best GSDOG puppy, was nothing less than perfect. I am so happy with my Ballack von Der Brucknerallee son, and the ongoing advice ,training tips,and continued care ,support,and friendship are invaluable to me, and my dogs. Thank you,thank you thank you, You have the top, most beautiful and correct dogs in the world,and nobody deserves it more than you two.

Sincerely Yours,
Sheryl Baldwin

Pennsylvania USA

Beste Adri, wij zijn heel blij met de komst van onze Kyra! Ook deze keer hebben we weer een prachtige en lieve hond van jullie gekregen. Dit is alweer de derde keer dat wij bij jullie hebben opgehaald en wij zijn ook dit keer weer super blij met de begeleiding die we van jullie hebben gekregen. Hopelijk gaan we ook dit keer weer heel lang genieten van onze hond. De vorige herders werden respectievelijk 13 en 12 jaar! Vriendelijke groeten, Frans en Lia Schouten

Dear Adri, we are very happy with the arrival of our Kyra! This time we have a beautiful and sweet dog received from you again. This is the third time we have collected from you and we are again this time very happy with the support we have received from you. Hopefully we will this time again enjoy long from our dog. The previous shepherds were 13 and 12 years respectively!


Frans and Lia Schouten


Great breeder!Gorgeous dogs with outstanding lines! Excellent communication. Both my dogs Ivy and Ekkon have excellent temperaments with good working drives. Exactly what i wanted. Highly recommend v.d. Tempelhoeve to anyone looking for a high quality dog/puppy..

Isela Moreno

El Paso Texas USA

I was looking long and hard for a great breeder of German shepherds when I found Megan .... I am so glad I did I found my Zarina ... She was the perfect dog .... Loyal ,,, loving ,,, smart and healthy !!! She lived to be almost 13 with no major health issues .. She was a great watch dog and I could train her to do anything ... But she was my family dog a great addition for almost 13 years ... And if I ever decide to get another German shepherd I will DEFINITELY get one from MEGAN !!!! thank you for my baby ,,, I miss her dearly ... Nothing better than a German shepherd !!!!

M. Vazzana

Pittsburgh PA USA

Ussy is an incredible dog, she is very smart and clever
She loves to play and is very active, her favourite thing to do is go swimming
She is so loving and caring and is loved by everyone she meets, i am a truly lucky man to have a dog like her!
Thank you so much for the excellent service you offer and the care you put into these dogs and your customers, along with the advice you give which shows your experience.

Best Regards,

Omar Al-Qenaei


Overjoyed! with our new addition to the family Cimbo. We took him out for his first walk everybody loved him. Thank you Adri & Megan!

Tiara Gonzalez


I have two dogs from Megan and I love them!!  They are easy to train and both have their CGC title.  Megan is a wonderful friend and will assist with any questions I have.  Both my dogs had great temperaments right from the strart as puppies.  When the time comes for another german shepherd I have no doubt it will come from Megan and Adri's kennel. 

Esther Clingan

Little Rock Arkansas USA

Valko van de Tempelhoeve (2003-03-29 - 2014-04-17)

Dear Adri,

Thank you very much for our great dog Valko. We had so much pleasure all together. He has been a great dog with a very strong, honest, good character with also an own mind (we liked that). Your dedication towards the German Shepherds breed reflects on your dogs, great! I also want to thank you for the guidance/training and help throughout the years.
Valko has been doing competitions, demo’s etc. and always showed as a very stable partner.
I can just say; keep up the good work! (If I’m ever able to have another German Shepherd, he/she sure as something will come from you).


Marcel Nuij

Gouda, Netherlands

I have many years experience in the States showing,training and breeding dogs. I met Megan while helping a friend find a GSD. Her own ability to train her dogs in a professional manner and her eye for performance, soundness and beauty in her breeding stock were impressive. Her puppies were well socialized, keen and highly trainable, and lovely to look at. I have since had the pleasure of owning and training one for myself as well as others and they are the best I have ever seen. Her talent, dedication, and ethics are now making her mark on a global scale with her beautiful dogs. It's been a delight to know her and her dogs.

Nodie Williams

Shreveport LA USA

Dear Megan and Adri. I want to thank you for such a wonderful dog Yanko van Noort. It is really amazing. I knew that I need exactly like this: temperamental, intelligent, with excellent working qualities. But he's still beautiful. You are great people! You can always ask and you always help and support. You Are Super! Thank you so much for Yanko. Wait - soon I will turn to you for another dog.

Helen Kugucheva


Beste Adri,

Hierbij wat foto's van Xena eind mei.

Ze doet het supergoed. Ze was na 1 dag al zindelijk (!!!) en snel gewend aan haar nieuwe thuis. Ze is dikke maatjes met Lucas (ons zoontje van 2). We hebben net de eerste (pup) cursus afgerond. Ze is erg intelligent en leergierig. Ook dingen die 'niet mogen' (blaffen bij horen deurbel, 'herderen', trekken aan de riem etc.) snapt ze vlot.
We hebben inmiddels een aardig beeld van haar karakter gekregen. Xena is een heerlijke goedaardige en evenwichtige hond. Ze lijkt nu al heel trouw aan 'haar' gezinsleden en is moedig en onbevangen. En - zoals het een pup van 4 mnd betaamd - uiteraard heerlijk ondeugend op z'n tijd Kortom: we zijn erg blij met haar!
Met vriendelijke groet,

Johan, Ramona & Lucas Hidding

Assen, The Netherlands

The most friendly breeder I've ever known for being ethical and reputable who also

makes a deal a deal real.

Pure satisfaction is the only word I use for this kennel.

Extremely happy is my only feeling when receiving Hobby.

Lovely temperament and superb anatomy.

Hobby is the first from you but will not be the last I guarantee......

Of course we will inquire more for your

Enormous quality of selective breeding.

Very very grateful and appreciate everything and I also thank God for all this happened.

Eternal friendship between us, Amen.


Peramah, Beretika & Berkualiti tinggi, Penuh kepuasan & Persahabatan seumur hidup. Terima Kasih!

From: Kennel Kusama
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Gilbert Tan Wen Yang
Ong Chai Hock

Voor ons is Isko onze vierde Duitse Herder. Wat ons aanspreekt in het ras is de enorme loyaliteit naar baas / gezin. De waakzaamheid en indien nodig bescherming. Bij aanschaf vinden we het belangrijk dat er gefokt wordt op een lief karakter. Dat is ook de reden waarom we opnieuw terecht zijn gekomen bij dhr. Phoelich van de Tempelhoeve. Bij ons komen regelmatig kleine kinderen over de vloer en in ons bijzijn blijken de honden de ontmoeting met hen als plezierig te ervaren. Instinctief gaan ze heel voorzichtig om met de hele kleintjes. Naast het lieve karakter blijken de honden ook slim te zijn. Pikken tijdens de training de comando's snel op. Wij hopen nog heel lang te mogen genieten van Isko.

     (For us ISKO our fourth German Shepherd. What appeals to us in the race is the enormous loyalty to boss / family. The vigilance and protection if necessary. When purchasing, we believe it is important that breeding is a sweet character. That's why we came back contact mr. Phoelich Temple Hoeve. In our regularly small children on the floor and in front of us turn out the dogs to experience an encounter with them as enjoyable. Instinctively they're very careful with the little ones. Besides the sweet character of the dogs also appear to be smart. Pecking during training the commando's fast. We hope for a long time to be able to enjoy ISKO.)

Elly & Henny

Hoogkarspel, The Netherlands

Hi Adri, I would like to thank you on delivering on your promise to choose a total dog for me. Max ( Eiko v.d. Tempelhoeve---Brixie Tempelhoeve & Netzer von Aducht) is everything I was hoping for. Great pigment, conformation and temperament. He is a great addition to my breeding program.

Thank you again. Pierre-Marie Dalzon

Wij zijn in september vanuit zuid limburg naar beuningen gereden om naar een nest mooie pups te gaan kijken. Wij wilden perse een pup met stamboom en dat was nog een hele zoektocht! We werden heel vriendelijk ontvangen. Kregen ruim de tijd om de pups te bekijken en te beslissen welke we zouden nemen. Een hele moeilijke keus maar het is uiteindelijk Zorro ( nu Zarko ) geworden. Wat een lief beest! Meteen vriendjes met ons zoontje van 5 en onze labrador. Ook hebben wij 5 katten, en hoewel hij het ontzettend leuk vindt om hiermee te spelen, is hij erg lief voor ze! We hebben al vele complimenten gekregen over de mooie bouw en tekening van Zarko! Het is een echte herder, maar een schat van een hond! De puppycursus heeft hij prima doorlopen en ook op de vervolgcursus doet hij het erg goed!Hartstikke bedankt voor de goede service bij de Tempelhoeve en als we ooit overwegen nog een pup aan te schaffen, dan komen we zeker weer jullie kant op!

Groetjes Marco, Kim, Noah en een poot van Zarko

Dear Adri and Megan,
Ruth and I want to thank you so much for the beautiful German Shepherd puppy we received from you. You guys are the top as breeders of the finest German Shepherd lines. This is our third imported German Shepherd and we just love her and her lineage. Not only do you breed the finest German Shepherds, but the customer service we received from you was awesome. You made the entire process simple and easy.
We were nervous about shipping our new baby but Megan stood by us every step of the way and was in constant contact with me throughout the entire flight. Once our new baby, Misty, arrived, Megan talked with us daily to make sure everything was alright with her and that she was accepted by our 4-year-old male GSD, Brutus. That kind of customer service is truly exceptional. I cannot say enough about Tempelhoeve, Adri, and Megan !!
Now about our new baby. Her name is Misty, and she really is a darling. Her parents, Altea ( IPO1, Kkl ) and Gondor, are champions themselves. Her temperament is superb. She is very alert and very playful. Her pray drive is excellent and her intelligence is outstanding. She is growing into a very beautiful young pup and we can’t wait to see what she will look like as an adult. And the best part, she loves to give lots and lots of kisses !!
Ruth and I can’t say enough about Tempelhoeve, Adri, and Megan. They are awesome and very caring breeders of the finest GSD’s. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality German Shepherd to add to your family. If anyone has any questions or just wants to talk about our experience, please feel free to contact me via  my email address.
Thank you guys so much for the happiness and joy we are experiencing with our new baby. We just love her so much….. and so does Brutus !!
Bob and Ruth DrewsBobDrews@Bellsouth.net

We were looking for an adventurous longhaired German Shepherd to join our little family in Belgium. After some research we made first contact with Adri & Megan from de Tempelhoeve. They both seemed to be very helpfull & friendly. This was confirmed quickly after our first visit to the kennel. Lovely people with a big heart for animals. A beautiful female joined our family a few weeks later and we all love her in every single way. She is now part of our adventures & we would not trade her for anything in de world. Many Thanks to Adri & Megan, we'll keep in touch!

Thibaut W. from Belgium

Dear Adri and Megan!
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Easy Tempelhoeve.  She is a beautiful girl with good drive and an amazing personality. Easy is everything that I could want in a GSD… loyal, intelligent and beautiful.
I also want to thank you for answering all my many questions. The support and knowledge you have shared with me are invaluable and have made my first experience of bringing GSD from Europe a real pleasure. I Highly recommend v.d. Tempelhoeve to anyone looking for a high quality dog and the best customer service.
Thank you!

Pavel Samoshuk New York, USA.

We would like to thank Megan and Adri for our very special Hulk v.d Tempelhoeve. We are a family from the UK that have been looking for a long while for the perfect long coat male puppy to join us. We have never imported a dog before and as you could imagine was quite apprehensive about doing so due to the age requirements for our country. We really had no need to be, Megan and Adri were AMAZING and we knew from the start we had most certainly picked the right breeders for us.
 They kept us up to date with photos and videos, let us know when our boy was having his veterinary appointments for his vaccines etc, he even went to training with them for extra socialisation while he was waiting for the big day to travel to us. We felt we were fully apart of his development and progress before he came to the UK. When Hulk finally arrived home we could clearly see he’d had the best upbringing you could have wanted for any puppy. He settled straight in and we are continuously impressed with his outgoing character and of course his super good looks. He is everything we wanted and more and cannot thank kennel Tempelhoeve enough. We have our name down for another puppy already for the future. 

Thank you so much from Kirsty Andy and the girls xxxx